Appreciation: the Patek Philippe Nautilus 40 Years – It is the Inheriting and Innovation

The 2016 Year marks thhe 40th anniversary of the Patek Philippe Nautilus collection, which is not only a celebration of Patek Philippe’s own anniversary, it is equally significant for the all watch-lovers and collectors. In the past 40 years, the watch-making skills are innovated and improved, and the aesthetic of people on the watch appearance design is constantly changing, but the Patek Philippe Nautilus is still the ultimate pursuit of the watch-fans. The Patek Philippe Nautilus does not cling to the tradition and does not blindly innovate; it is keeping inheriting the characteristics of leisure and elegance in the course of advancing with the times. In order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Nautilus, the Patek Philippe specially launched 2 limited edition Nautilus watches – 5711/1P and 5976/1G, just to pay tribute to Patek Philippe’s first casual and elegant collection.

One of them, the Nautilus Ref.5711/1P 40th Anniversary watch, is on sale for limited edition of 70 pieces, resembling the Nautilus Ref.3700/1A – the first Patek Philippe Nautilus watch introduced in 1976. Nautilus, this name is from its source of inspiration for the Nautilus submarine, in that year, the porthole on the trans-oceanic liner gives the designer case design inspiration. Its size same as the replica rolex submariner, 40mm.

Although this model kept the same strain with the previous Nautilus series in the overall, the biggest difference is the selection of the case material. The case material of this blue model is Platinum that rarely used into producing watches; the Platinum has a unique silver luster, is a kind of very rare precious metal material. Compared to the original stainless steel, the Platinum has more excellent ductility and its hardness is extraordinary, therefore the manufacturing process is of greater difficulty. Through multiple polished the layer of gold appear clear, reflecting the different metallic luster.

Since it is designed specially for anniversary, the dial also made of a different blue, and the Nautilus typical horizontal stripes decoration, and there is a low-key elegant concave anniversary digital 40 and 1976-2016 at the lower part of the dial. Coming with fluorescent coating platinum-plated rod hour hand and minute hand, and the second hand with a balanced weight, therefore you can read the time accurately and speedily. Most uniquely, there are 12 hour markers with white gold plated and inlaid by diamonds. When you see the crown, it still come with a Patek Philippe logo on the top. The whole strap is made of platinum, heavy and shinning, especially the engraving on the clasp, they are clear and sharp. If you look at it clearly, the distinctiveness that the small details show make you fascinating.

Through the sapphire crystal glass, Its superb watch-making technology presented in front of you. Equipped with cal.324 sc movement, the perfect craftsmanship and technology fused. The Geneva strip decoration on the plywood, the edge chamfering and polishing, notch polishing, the gold circular grainy pattern, and motherboard rotation pattern and carved lines embossed gold processing and other craftsmanship is the heritage of history essence of Patek Philippe. The Gyromax balance and Spiromax hairspring on the movement, as Patek Philippe 2 inventions, guarantee the movement’s excellent travel accuracy and innovation that Patek Philippe keeps pace with. Above these is the 21K gold center automatic plate engraved with the classic patek philippe logo. The movement provide at least 35 hours power reserve.

Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon Watch

Watches from Cartier embody perfection unlike any other luxury brand. Thanks to their innovative wristwatches, they have been considered a pioneer in the field for so many years. Today we are going to appreciate on the Rotonde de Cartier Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon.

Marking the first time that Cartier associates a Mysterious Complication with a Minute Repeater, this is a double complication like no other replica watches UK. This impressive new watch is presented here in a titanium case, and includes both the heralded minute repeater and a tourbillon which is further presented in a mystery dial.  That is, this watch has on full display a tourbillon whereby which not only rotates 1x/60 seconds as most tourbillons do, but the entire mechanism itself rotates within the mystery dial 1x every five minutes (hence the “double tourbillon” name, though a bit of creative marketing).

Fitted with a grade 5 titanium case measuring 45 mm in diameter and a mere thickness of 11.15 mm, this new watch is powered by the new Cartier in-house calibre 9407MC. The movement, calibre 9407 MC, is attached to the case at four points, and the gongs are directly connected to the case at two points, optimizing the transmission of vibrations from gongs to the watch case and glass. The inertia flywheel, visible at 7 o’clock, regulates the speed of the chimes, and has been engineered so that it produces no whirring noise to disturb the sound. The gongs are in square-section hardened steel, so the hammers strike a flat surface, improving sound quality by means of harmonics.

Cartier has also added an all-new minute repeater mechanism, which takes into account all four dimensions of sound—intensity (sound level), tone, tonality, and deadening (or succinct stopping) of sound. To achieve the best possible combination of sound elements, the brand opted to forgo the dial, make the case of titanium, and use square section gongs, among a host of other innovative details. With hammers visible on the dial side of the watch, the repeater strikes the time on demand, activated using the push piece at 4:00.

The Rotonde de Cartier Minute Repeater Mysterious Double Tourbillon is reference HP101102, a limited edition of 50 pieces, price €525,000 excluding VAT, €645,000 inclusive of tax . Another version set with baguette diamonds, HP101103, is available at €640,000 exclusive of tax.

Should I Buy A Replica Rolex Watch?

Rolex is one of the biggest brands in world and are some of the most expensive watches ever made! We all know that along the time Rolex impressed all of us with stunning unique luxurious timepieces and their excellent quality. Rolex watches would do well on any man’s wrist and last you years and years.

Rolex is committed to beauty, functionality, and durability in equal measure, and that’s why they use 904L stainless steel; it’s highly corrosive resistant and has a great sheen when it’s polished. 904L stainless steel is commonly used in high-technology and in the aerospace and chemical industries. Its excellent anti-corrosion properties are comparable to those of precious metals. Rolex masters in-house the entire manufacturing process for its 904L steel watch components. That is why I love about Rolex, because when you are going to buy a Rolex, you KNOW they are likely going to be the best watch you’ll ever buy.

Nothing conveys status and wealth quite like a diamond. Unless it’s a diamond-studded Rolex. Unlike watchmakers such as Patek Philippe or Cartier, Rolex doesn’t trust any outside firm to look after their precious stones, as you would expect from the notoriously insular Swiss brand. Their enormous compound in Chéne-Bourg in Geneva has a huge gem department that buys, tests and sets the diamonds, rubies, and sapphires used to decorate their most exclusive designs. Every diamond that comes in is x-rayed to ensure its authenticity.

We could talk about Rolex watches all day long, but when it comes to actually buying one, some people can get cold feet because of the price. What you have to remember is that there is a quality replica Rolex for you all the time. These watches are also so durable and reliable that they’ll last you years and years. Buying a quality replica Rolex watch means that you can still get the top quality timepiece, but with a saving of thousands of pounds. There are a wide range of replica wristwatches at great prices on the net, so you don’t have to give up on your Rolex dream at all. Take a look today at the many Rolex replica watches they have available.

The Timeless Appeal Of Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 (ref. 114300)

As far as entry-level luxury watches go, few come close to the appeal of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. The Oyster Perpetual is a fantastic entry-level candidate with a price tag that won’t necessitate defaulting on a student loan. Simple, robust, water-resistant to 100 metres and endowed with an exceptional automatic movement, the Oyster Perpetual is the heart and soul of Rolex.

As the world’s first waterproof timepiece, put to the test on Mercedes Gleitze’s epic cross-Chanel swim, the 1926 Oyster would become the foundation stone of the colossal Rolex Empire. What’s more, the aesthetics of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual models set them apart as symbols of universal and classic style. They embody timeless form and function, firmly rooted in the pioneering origins of Rolex. The simplicity of an original.

its debut in 2015, the Oyster Perpetual ref. 114300 is a solid approach to a starter Rolex watch. Admitted, it is a watch with not a single complication, but it’s also a watch that you will never get tired of and a high-quality watch that will keep its value over time as well. The 39mm diameter makes it a very interesting alternative to the 41mm Datejust and Milgauss models as well as to the smaller 36mm versions. A perfect in-between size that only has to compete with the 39mm Rolex Explorer 214270.

Rolex replica have pulled off an impressive feat with this dial. It’s supremely simple, but far from boring. In fact, the purity of this dial – and the watch as a whole – may well be its greatest strength. No date or cyclops distract from the clean lines. The hands are simple sticks, and the applied gold indices have enough height to ensure legibility, without dominating. Only the hands and the three, six and nine are filled with luminous material – this isn’t a diver after all.

The 39mm case of this Rolex Oyster Perpetual comes with a cool blue dial, and the case and bracelet are made from an incredibly resilient stainless steel superalloy, which can take a beating and still look great. This Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300 also has a friendly price tag of £4,150. In my opinion a fair price for a stainless steel manufacture watch of high quality.

Swiss Rolex Watches: GMT-MASTER II 6769TBR-74779B Review

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fake rolex

Launched in 1955, GMT watch was researched and developed by Rolex for international airline pilots. Since 2005, GMT MASTERII is equipped with 24 hours rotating watch bezel, which can read the time of three time zones in total, among which two time zones’ time can be Synchronously read. For travelers, this feature of the Rolex GMT MASTERII has highly practical value. Today the Rolex watch we are to bring for you is not just because it can read three time zones, but the whole body of this GMT MASTER watch is diamond-studded to be shining and charming.

Rolex GMT MASTERII 6769TBR-74779B

For this Rolex GMT MARSTERII watch, there is only one in Beijing city in China, which is selling at the price of ¥4,756,500 RMB, its features can be listed as follows: automatic mechanical watch movement, watch case of 18 k platinum with diamonds in the diameter of 40 mm, watch strap of 18 k platinum with diamonds in silvery color, watch dial of silvery-white color in round shape, watch dial inlaid with diamonds, watch mirror of sapphire crystal glass mirror, watch crown of 18K platinum, watch buckle of folding buckle made of 18 K platinum, watch back of Solid Case Back, waterproof of 100 meters and watch functions including date display and GMT.

This Rolex GMT MASTERII watch was launched in 2007 and has only one in China. Though GMT MASTER watches are specially designed for professional use, its unparalleled functions and appearance design make it favorable among the travelers. In addition to the different time zones display, the solid material and the appearance that is easy to match of the GMT Master watch not only suitable to wear when traveling around the world but suitable to attend any occasions. Although this wrist watch is not suitable for daily wear, but it is good choice to wear occasionally at some significant activities, of course, it can also be used to collect, and it shall be a excellent watch by no means.

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All About The TAG Heuer Monaco

TAG Heuer are synonymous with motor racing and none of their collection epitomises this affiliation better than that of the TAG Heuer Monaco series of watches. With its square case and famous Calibre 11 automatic movement, the Monaco was even seen on Steve McQueen’s wrist in the 1971 film Le Mans. The film told the story of the rivalry between two race car drivers during the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The watch profited from the film’s success and is considered a coveted collector’s piece today. Next we are going to know more about TAG Heuer Monaco.

The TAG Heuer Monaco was launched in 1969 as one of the first automatic chronographs in existence and one that Jack Heuer named in honor of the famous Monaco GP Formula One course. The watch, with its distinctive square-shaped case, is powered by the caliber 11, one of the first automatic calibers in the world with a chronograph function. The manufacturer developed the movement in 1965 together with Breitling, Büren, and Dubois Dépraz, a manufacturer of movement complications. Replica Tag watches uk invested a hefty 500,000 Swiss francs in the development of this caliber, which needed to fit in a square-shaped, waterproof case.

These eye-catching TAG Heuer Monaco timepieces are definitely one of the bolder and more unusual offerings from the Swiss watchmakers and the watch was made famous when it was worn by Steve McQueen in the hit 1970’s film, Le Mans. Steve McQueen wore a Heuer crest on his racing suit and a square-dial TAG Heuer Monaco on his wrist, catapulting the watch into superstardom. The blue-faced watch and the blue-eyed actor have been linked ever since, a timeless ode to TAG Heuer’s “don’t crack under pressure” attitude.

An absolute classic in the chronograph world, the Monaco was discontinued after only a few years but the design saw a McQueen reissue in 1998 and was later relaunched by Tag Heuer in 2003. Vintage and limited edition Monacos are extremely desirable and claim a considerable fee in the used market. All in all, the watch is highly recommended to men who are seeking for an unique timepiece with an astounding history. If you value unique, speed and performance, you should consider TAG Heuer Monaco your next purchase.

Appreciation: Panerai Luminor FlyBack Watch Pam00524

As the title says, the Pam00524 is a Flyback watch. But what is a flyback chronograph? Im sure not so many people know that, even a Panerai lover. I have been confused for long time between the Flyback and Retrograde, therefore I learned many study materials about them, now I can tell you what is flyback what is retrograde. Retrograde is it can be done automatically, and the flyback needs operation manually. Yeah, you can see many Replica Panerai Reviews on the Panerai pam00524, it is a flyback watch.

The Panerai pam00524 is equipped with P.9100 automatic movement, keep 3 days power reserve. The dial is 44mm which is suitable for the man who loves big dial; the case is made of 316L stainless steel with brushed skills, showing quality, highlighting the high-end technology on watchmaking. In order to read the time easily, the minute hand and the second hand stay on the center, and recognized with different color, the second hand is blue, the minute hand is steel color; the hour markers and numerals on the dial, the date window located at 3 o’clock, the running seconds lies on the 9 o’clock.

A unique place is the bridge on the crown. the crown is made of stainless steel, the same as the case; the bridge cover around the crown, and it can protect the crown away from some destroy. Of course, it is the typical logo of Panerai.

Oh, which one is flyback hands? How can we operate it? That’s easy to see that there is a button at the 8 o’clock, the operation can be finished by the button. When you press the button, the chronograph white hand will be back to the zero position in moment, and work from start at the same time, yeah, that’s convenient. There is no need to press the stop button to stop and press the reset button to reset.

Another feature on the pam00524 is the quality sense of the case. If take a closer look, you will find the corner angle where link the lugs and case is beautiful and special. For the watch-making craftsman, it is difficult to polish this shape, however Panerai did. The lugs are made of stainless steel, brush processed on the face, sense of quality.

Panerai is very strict with the details. the strap is made of high end black leather, the stitching is light yellow, adding retro style to the watch. The clasp is made of stainless steel also, unique design, and engraved with Panerai logo as decoration. Yeah, this is the Panerai.

We mentioned that the Pam00524 come with the P.9100 automatic movement , the material and craftsmanship reach to the high level on technology, quality and reliability. The dimension of the movement is 31mm, thickness is 8.15mm, including 37 jewels and 302 pieces. The 2 spring box provide 72 hours power reserve, equaling 3 days. The bi-directional swing rotator achieve self-winding, 28800 bph. In coclusion, the Panerai Luminor Pam00524 will be your beloved watch. No matter from its appearance or its working, it is excellent.

Swiss Watches: Hublot’s Cross-border Cooperation with Artist Xu Zhen

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high end replica watches

“Hublot loves art” 2014 annual big show opened the ceremony on October 10th in 798 art district in Beijing. Swiss top watch brand Hublot from the beginning of its birth, the DNA of the brand was given the  powerful driving force with the art of fusion. Perhaps art for people is a kind of mere formality or assentation, but the art of Hublot is the most persistent faith and devotion flowing in the blood!

Behind the large black cloth is the large public art installation works jointly created by Hublot and famous Chinese contemporary artists Mr Xu Zhen “eternal life – time hourglass”. Today this sculpture in the middle of the 798 Bauhaus square is completed in shock, which marked the Hublot formally stepping into the center stage that is symbolized the Chinese vanguard art highland, and has been the Precedent of creating the cross-border cooperation of The global Ultimate Luxury Products and the public art.

Around the media seats is the painting the was mutually created in the Beijing Oriental plaza flagship store of the Hublot brand last month by everybody, and they felt excited when seeing this painting again.

At the beginning of the conference, the greater China area general manager of the Hublot brand Loic Biver said: “the cause of China’s contemporary art is booming, and has sprung up many admirable artists and works of art with the international standards, and it is a great pleasure for us to participate in it. The Beijing 798 public art project we cooperated with Xu Zhen is by far the most proud of trans-boundary creation for us! His artistic thought fully revealed the concept of integration, let our cooperation agitate the most impressive art.” It will surely be a shocking moment and great improvement for the Hublot brand in China, which will help Hublot walk further and better!

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Should I Buy A Rolex?

Rolex is a universe of its own: respected; admired; valued; and known across the globe. However, it’s a well-known fact that Rolex watches can be very expensive. Why it costs so much? When we know more about Rolex, the more we know, the more we are convinced that owning a Rolex watch is worth our money.


Hans Wilsdorf founded Rolex in 1905 when many other watch brands were considered to be untrustworthy, and this was the year that the first wristwatch was launched. In 1914, Rolex earned an impressive “A” Precision Certificate, awarded for their watches’ precision and excellence by Kew Observatory and they have maintained this reputation ever since. In 1926, Rolex created the first waterproof watch and, in 1945, they invented the very first self-winding chronometer, which was innovative and exciting for its time. Rolex replica watches have been worn on mountain-climbing expeditions and for deep-sea diving, and their timepieces are renowned for being reliable in the harshest of conditions.

James Bond Watch

Rolex was the official timekeeper of the fictional secret British agent James Bond 007, in the early Bond movies of the 1960s, 1970s and occasionally in the 1980s as well. The Rolex Submariner is known to be the original James Bond watch (before Mr Bond switched to Omega), and Rolex Submariner has been used by Bond actors Sean Connery, Roger Moore and occasionally by Timothy Dalton.

904L Stainless Steel

Rolex uses the highest steel grade on the market – the 904L stainless steel alloy, which is primarily used in the chemical industries, in the aerospace industry, and in the world of high-technology. The 904L stainless steel alloy has a high corrosion resistance, and has good formability and weldability. It can resist temperatures of 450 degrees Celsius or 824 degrees Fahrenheit. The steel grade is meant to be used for the most demanding situations, and highly corrosive conditions. Few steel grades, if any, can match the 904L stainless steel alloy used by Rolex.

Resale Value

Purchasing a Rolex watch carries long-term benefits for the owner. Although the timepiece initially falls in value if purchased at retail, it steadily regains its value over time – eventually surpassing its initial price. A Rolex watch can become a solid investment for the person who purchases it with the intention of owning it for the long run. Rolex watches are also plentiful on the resale market. Pre-owned Rolex watches actually surpass the new Rolex market due to the tendency vintage Rolexes have of appreciating in value.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Bentley B05 Unitime Watch

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If you treat travel around the world as a kind of art of living, then Breitling Bentley series is specially designed Bentley B05 Unitime for you. The year of 2003 is not only a year that Bentley car returned to the le mans 24-hour endurance race track and captured the glory of the champion and runner-up, but also the beginning to shine for the Breitling for Bentley. Ten years later, the Breitling for Bentley which fused the art of British luxury car with Swiss top watch and clock tradition has a large number of chronometers, has completely conquered the world. Here we are going to introduce more about the Bentley B05 Unitime watches in 2014 Basel show.

Bentley B05 Unitime series wrist watch perfectly fused two top quintessence in the field of wrist watch: taste and performance, luxury and achievement, classic and boldness, strength and delicate. Since 2003, it has released a large number of excellent watches, and now, the Bentley B05 Unitime keeps launching the new products while showing the master skills of its timing and technical experts.

Thanks to its double disk device, the Bentley B05 Unitime provides unprecedented comfortable experience to let the wearer can be clear at a glance of 24 time zones around the world no matter when and where they are. If the wearer want to change the time zone, they only need to rotate the watch crown forward and backward with the unit of hour, that they can easily set-up the time display of all time zones; moreover, the calendar can also automatically be adjusted according to the local date. Bentley B05 Unitime wrist watch adopts stainless steel watchcase with the 49 mm large diameter design to make it more easy to be read the time. Bentley B05 Unitime also has a rose gold style for you to choose from.

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