Appreciation: the Patek Philippe Nautilus 40 Years – It is the Inheriting and Innovation

The 2016 Year marks thhe 40th anniversary of the Patek Philippe Nautilus collection, which is not only a celebration of Patek Philippe’s own anniversary, it is equally significant for the all watch-lovers and collectors. In the past 40 years, the watch-making skills are innovated and improved, and the aesthetic of people on the watch appearance design is constantly changing, but the Patek Philippe Nautilus is still the ultimate pursuit of the watch-fans. The Patek Philippe Nautilus does not cling to the tradition and does not blindly innovate; it is keeping inheriting the characteristics of leisure and elegance in the course of advancing with the times. In order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Nautilus, the Patek Philippe specially launched 2 limited edition Nautilus watches – 5711/1P and 5976/1G, just to pay tribute to Patek Philippe’s first casual and elegant collection.

One of them, the Nautilus Ref.5711/1P 40th Anniversary watch, is on sale for limited edition of 70 pieces, resembling the Nautilus Ref.3700/1A – the first Patek Philippe Nautilus watch introduced in 1976. Nautilus, this name is from its source of inspiration for the Nautilus submarine, in that year, the porthole on the trans-oceanic liner gives the designer case design inspiration. Its size same as the replica rolex submariner, 40mm.

Although this model kept the same strain with the previous Nautilus series in the overall, the biggest difference is the selection of the case material. The case material of this blue model is Platinum that rarely used into producing watches; the Platinum has a unique silver luster, is a kind of very rare precious metal material. Compared to the original stainless steel, the Platinum has more excellent ductility and its hardness is extraordinary, therefore the manufacturing process is of greater difficulty. Through multiple polished the layer of gold appear clear, reflecting the different metallic luster.

Since it is designed specially for anniversary, the dial also made of a different blue, and the Nautilus typical horizontal stripes decoration, and there is a low-key elegant concave anniversary digital 40 and 1976-2016 at the lower part of the dial. Coming with fluorescent coating platinum-plated rod hour hand and minute hand, and the second hand with a balanced weight, therefore you can read the time accurately and speedily. Most uniquely, there are 12 hour markers with white gold plated and inlaid by diamonds. When you see the crown, it still come with a Patek Philippe logo on the top. The whole strap is made of platinum, heavy and shinning, especially the engraving on the clasp, they are clear and sharp. If you look at it clearly, the distinctiveness that the small details show make you fascinating.

Through the sapphire crystal glass, Its superb watch-making technology presented in front of you. Equipped with cal.324 sc movement, the perfect craftsmanship and technology fused. The Geneva strip decoration on the plywood, the edge chamfering and polishing, notch polishing, the gold circular grainy pattern, and motherboard rotation pattern and carved lines embossed gold processing and other craftsmanship is the heritage of history essence of Patek Philippe. The Gyromax balance and Spiromax hairspring on the movement, as Patek Philippe 2 inventions, guarantee the movement’s excellent travel accuracy and innovation that Patek Philippe keeps pace with. Above these is the 21K gold center automatic plate engraved with the classic patek philippe logo. The movement provide at least 35 hours power reserve.

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