All About The TAG Heuer Monaco

TAG Heuer are synonymous with motor racing and none of their collection epitomises this affiliation better than that of the TAG Heuer Monaco series of watches. With its square case and famous Calibre 11 automatic movement, the Monaco was even seen on Steve McQueen’s wrist in the 1971 film Le Mans. The film told the story of the rivalry between two race car drivers during the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The watch profited from the film’s success and is considered a coveted collector’s piece today. Next we are going to know more about TAG Heuer Monaco.

The TAG Heuer Monaco was launched in 1969 as one of the first automatic chronographs in existence and one that Jack Heuer named in honor of the famous Monaco GP Formula One course. The watch, with its distinctive square-shaped case, is powered by the caliber 11, one of the first automatic calibers in the world with a chronograph function. The manufacturer developed the movement in 1965 together with Breitling, Büren, and Dubois Dépraz, a manufacturer of movement complications. Replica Tag watches uk invested a hefty 500,000 Swiss francs in the development of this caliber, which needed to fit in a square-shaped, waterproof case.

These eye-catching TAG Heuer Monaco timepieces are definitely one of the bolder and more unusual offerings from the Swiss watchmakers and the watch was made famous when it was worn by Steve McQueen in the hit 1970’s film, Le Mans. Steve McQueen wore a Heuer crest on his racing suit and a square-dial TAG Heuer Monaco on his wrist, catapulting the watch into superstardom. The blue-faced watch and the blue-eyed actor have been linked ever since, a timeless ode to TAG Heuer’s “don’t crack under pressure” attitude.

An absolute classic in the chronograph world, the Monaco was discontinued after only a few years but the design saw a McQueen reissue in 1998 and was later relaunched by Tag Heuer in 2003. Vintage and limited edition Monacos are extremely desirable and claim a considerable fee in the used market. All in all, the watch is highly recommended to men who are seeking for an unique timepiece with an astounding history. If you value unique, speed and performance, you should consider TAG Heuer Monaco your next purchase.

3 Stylish TAG Heuer Watches For New Collectors

Since 1860, Heuer has been creating wonderful wristwatches for the most discerning men and women. Whether you’re a collector who already loves men’s TAG Heuer watches or someone looking for an essential new addition to his style, TAG watches will be the perfect watch for you. Let’s take a look at 3 models that are popular among watch lovers.

Named after the classic race that began in the 1950s, the Carrera combines the refinement of a TAG Heuer watch with a sport watch style. If you’re looking for a watch that embodies classic charm but still has all the functionality of a modern watch, you’ll want to take a look at the replica Carrera Tag Heuer.  The Carrera Calibre 1887 features a ceramic bezel with a tachymeter scale surrounding a sapphire crystal. Both of these components are virtually scratchproof. The 43 mm case is fine-brushed and polished steel. Sporty black and elegant anthracite gray dials are available, and the new bracelet with H-shaped links completes the look.

You can’t have a list of chronographs without a TAG Heuer. Since its founding in 1860, the brand has been a leader in automotive and aviation chronographs. Inspired by racing, the TAG Heuer Formula 1 chronograph watch features a black and unidirectional rotating bezel. You can choose from a stainless steel band or rubber straps to customize the Formula 1 to fit your wardrobe and lifestyle. Oversized dials and luminescent hands make these men’s sports watches instantly recognizable and endlessly distinguished.

A tribute to the innovative spirit of TAG Heuer luxury watches, the Monaco was the world’s first square-cased, water-resistant watch. As if that wasn’t unique enough, the Monaco was also the original automatic chronograph. Like all TAG watches, the Monaco embodies the spirit of ingenuity and even became a movie star when Steve McQueen chose to wear it in the 1970 car-racing film, “Le Mans.”  The Monaco Caliber 11 Chronograph has 39 mm size, the hallmark petroleum blue dial with two white counters. The date window at 6 o’clock, the diamond-polished horizontal hour indices, the inscribed vintage Heuer logo, the calibre 11 automatic chronograph with date and water-resistance to 100 meters – all the attributes of the Monaco.

For years, stylish TAG Heuer watches have been making a bold statement, and when you purchase one, you’ll get to experience the extravagance of a TAG watch for yourself. It is time to buy a good TAG Heuer watch for you.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Tag Heuer Monaco Watches

replica tag heuer monaco
replica tag heuer monaco

Father love, such as the sea as deep and wide, with a broad mind to accommodate our young rebellious mind. Father love, like a mountain-like assured and stable, with a wealth of experience to become a long way to rely on a solid life. Father may not be good at expressing love in words, but always behind us to use their own thick shoulder for us to hold up a day. On the occasion of Father’s Day in 2017, the Swiss pioneer watch brand TAG Heuer launches the Autavia series watch and Monaco automatic chronograph for portrait gift, and selects two classic works with the precipitation of the essence and the time, so as to thank your father who offers support and companionship.

TAG Heuer Autavia series of watches with a new retro glory returns, and the unique racing origin and it fuses into the modern style and proprietary Heuer-02 special chronograph movement. And the watch dial is expanded to 42mm which is more suitable for father’s wide wrist, the imitation calfskin strap also added a rough sense for the watch, in addition, it is carefully developed the timing disk spacing to achieve a perfect visual balance and readability. With the full legendary timeless style to record clockwise swing between the golden age, this Tag Heuer watch for the father’s wrist brings a different kind of vitality and style.

TAG Heuer Monaco automatic chronograph, with a symbolic square dial to show the interpretation of TAG Heuer’s innovative aesthetics. The new addition of sapphire crystal glass surface with the watch back, is more convenient to appreciate the wonderful movement of Caliber 12 movement. Dark blue crocodile leather strap and elegant silver and blue dial, is matching with a red pointer, looks like a deep sea of father love, which looks bold and solemn, elegant but without losing the passion.

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TAG Heuer Is Synonymous With Car Racing

TAG Heuer is a legendary name in the world of Swiss watchmaking. For over 150 years, they have been producing high-quality timepieces. You can’t go wrong when you decide to add TAG Heuer men’s watches to your collection. When you have a TAG Heuer watch on your wrist people are going to understand that you yourself respect time so much so that you want to read with a timepiece like this.

If you like car race, have you ever noticed the watches those car racers were wearing? If you didn’t, now it’s time for you to enter into the car racer watches. TAG Heuer is synonymous with car racing and had its film debut in the 1971 classic Le Mans. Several timepieces are closely associated with automobile racing, perhaps none more closely than the Heuer Monaco. Steve McQueen made the watch famous when he wore it in the 1971 film Le Mans. To play the role of driver Michael Delaney, McQueen sought advice from his friend and racing driver, Jo Siffert. In the film, McQueen wore Siffert’s driving suit, which carried the “Chronograph Heuer” logo. When it came time to chose his watch for the role, McQueen went with the Monaco, and the rest is history. Today, the model 1133 carries the collector nickname “McQueen Monaco.”  If you are crazy for the splendid car race, Tag Heuer should be the watch you need to have.

The Monaco may be TAG Heuer’s best-known model, and the iconic square shape has remained essentially unchanged over the decades, giving it that rare “instant recognition” factor. TAG Heuer introduced the Monaco in 1969, two years before its cinematic premiere. The watch, with its distinctive square-shaped case, is one of the first automatic calibers in the world with a chronograph function. Today, you can strap on a replica Tag Heuer monaco with an automatic-winding mechanical movement in a stylish and distinctive case within your budget. The Monaco Calibre 6 case is fashioned from brushed stainless steel with a bold, all-black titanium carbide coating. Below the sapphire crystal, the red “Automatic” text and small seconds hand offer a hint of color. A race-style perforated leather strap with red accents completes the package.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Tag Heuer Carrera HEUER-01 Watch

Tag heuer released its first ceramic material watch, and it is man exclusive timing wrist watch; the watch body and strap all are made with ceramic material.

The Tag Heuer Carrera watch that was released two years ago for the first time in Basel international clocks jewelry show is Carrera HEUER-01 watch that is very iconic. In 2015, this watch was using the new design, and carrying with new HEUER – 01 homemade movement, with 12 modular structure design, for the combination of all kinds of material, color, processing technology and the coating created the infinite possibility, and became the cornerstone of the new HEUER – 01 series.

As the best-selling watch of the Tag Heuer brand, the branded new HEUER-01 timing wrist watch in 2017 completely is made of matte black ceramic. Watchcase, watch bezel, watch ear and watchcase main body (all parts that are exposed and possibly may suffer friction) adopt the extremely black ceramic material with full design feeling. This kind of material has the unparalleled scratch-resistant properties, through micro sandblasting surface modification builds perfect dark design effect. In terms of technology, in order to ensure the 100 m perfect waterproof performance, all functional parts of this Swiss watch adopt the stainless steel, so that the sealing washer (including watch mirror gasket, rear case washer, and crown crest) can give full play to their respective functions.

The swiss replica watches uk presents unprecedented modern breath and pure style, the ceramic watch strap is applying with H shape and it is decorated with inferior smooth effect so as to make the wrist watch comfortable when wearing on wrist, and it confirms that ceramic is the rare perfect material choice in the watchmaking industry. It is very hard, but soft and wear-resistant, it is the key feature to the achievement of high quality wrist watches. It can ensure the color keep consistent. At the same time, as a low–sensitivity material, it is not easy to cause allergic (if you are wearing a wrist watch for 10 to 12 hours a day, it is particularly important), and it is more light than pure steel.